Winter bird feeder on branch

Great Ideas For Keeping The Birds In your Gardens Happy and Healthy

Years ago I purchased a book written by Ann Bradshaw called the Backyard Diner Cookbook and have used and enjoyed it often. The book was being sold to raise money for the On The Wing Again Foundation-a bird rescue and rehabilitation organization.( I can not- at this time find a way to reach Ann or the group—if anyone has information on how to reach Ann or her group please share that information with me –so I can let people know how to help. ) One of the first recipes in the book is called- A Recipe For A Fine Texas […]

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Red Berry Holly Natural Nature Twig Tree Wreath - Christmas Fall Holiday Wreath via Good House Keeping

Holiday Decorating with Materials from your Garden

Why run to the grocery store or florist when it’s time to decorate—how about going out into your garden? ( much less stress then Garden Ridge) With a pair of clippers and a little imagination you’ll find a lot of decorating material for your table, your vases, your tree— even your packages. Simple and lovely treasures –and your guests will think you are so clever! It is best to gather after 10AM when the dew droplets have dried up. Don’t forget to take a basket or something to carry all the goodies that you will find while you are there. […]

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Daffodils yellow and white

Spring Bulbs For Your Gardens

By Lucy Harrell T. C. N. P. A Specialist on Demanding Environments I am going to start this article by saying that my knowledge of bulbs is limited to only the very easiest absolutely perennial bulbs. I am too lazy to plant a whole lot of something that won’t come back every year or needs fussing with—so I am assuming that you are too— however if you want to experiment with other bulbs- by all means–go for it –and tell me if you find a really good one to add to my nice & easy Spring Bulb list. You may […]

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Moving your plants inside for the Winter

In the late Fall—If you are moving a plant inside that has been outside (to provide winter protection) –water it well first and then make a solution of 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 gallon of water and use that to drench the soil—this will kill off pesky fungal gnats or other soil born insects that may be there and the plants will benefit from the acidity in the Apple Cider Vinegar. Let this drain through and then move your plant inside. (Be sure that you understand that this is Apple Cider Vinegar not white vinegar-white vinegar will […]

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Take The Time To Plant Your New Plants Right

By Lucy Harrell To start a new bed, remove grass and weeds from the bed area. If you are raising the bed levels- add enriched topsoil. In beds where the soil is just being amended- add 3‖- 4‖ of any organic compost mixed with 10% lava sand and till the mixture evenly down to 8‖ deep. ( if using expanded shale you won’t need the lava sand in the mix-see next paragraph ) – This would suppose that there was at least 3 feet of soil that already existed in that area- not just a few inches –and then rock. […]

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