Hummingbirds provide a lot of theatre-type enjoyment to us, and since the beautiful Flame Acanthus in the picture  below is sitting just outside my office window, I have  a constant parade of delicate dancers swooping in and out for a drink.

Hummingbird with red flowers

Hummingbird feeders work to attract them too and can be hung right outside a favorite window for  watching – I like the ones that have perches.  Many garden centers carry them and this website has some really good ones…  (do not add red  food coloring to the sugar water or buy  nectar that has it in it-it is  very bad for them).

The simple recipe is 1 part sugar + 3 parts boiling water-let it cool – change it  out  and clean the feeder often to keep it clean and healthy for them.

I  usually have a feeder or two but I prefer attracting them with plants.  It is- in my opinion- a much better option – just because it eliminates the nectar mixing and washing- so it is much less work  (I’m a lazy girl).

Below is a list of  plants that have great hummer appeal – these will all  still be blooming in the Fall when the hummers really hang around  here. Plant these in an area  where they can be viewed through a window or a favorite outdoor sitting spot. (Like little tiny helicopters!)

For Sunny spots – Flame Acanthus-red, Cypress Vine-red,  Salvia Greggii-red,  Cross Vine-orange, Coral Honeysuckle-coral, Glossy Abelia-white, Red Yucca-coral, Agastache-many colors, Verbena Bonariensis-purple.

For Shady Spots plant these- Red Turks Cap-red, Cross Vine-orange (sun or shade), Fall Obedient Plant-purple, Althea-blue, pink, white (sun or shade).

Don’t forget to give yourself some extra time for just sitting and enjoying all of the aspects of your garden.


Love & Luck, Lucy Harrell

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