As simple as you can make it – is your best way. 

Location—anywhere—but shade in Texas is best.

Coffee Cup with Grounds

Coffee grounds make an excellent addition to compost!


Wet or Green Contents – green leaves-food scraps (veggies and fruit–coffee grounds,- egg shells, -green leaves)


Dry or Brown Contents-dry leaves,-dry grass, if needed  for dry material – shredded newspaper

Always cover wet / green with brown / dry and this will eliminate any common  complaints about compost-it will not smell and it will not  be yucky-or attract critters.


Add once a week in shade—more often in sun—if you are getting fire ant problems—it is too dry- add water and treat with Nature’s Guide Fire Ant Killer


Add by poking holes with turner or loosening as best you can if congested –usually this is not needed–if your pile is too congested you are keeping it too wet.

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