Yesterday I had a very full day–I realized the evening before that I have had a mole running amok through my north flower beds–the little critter had  tunneled up under my cone flowers and other perennials-leaving their roots pushed up into the hot air and they looked pretty damaged as a result–I had two choices–trap / kill  the varmint-or spray to repel it for a few weeks–believe it or not the spray is longer lasting control because if you have a mole–then you have a welcoming habitat-and as soon as others realize that  there is an opening–they will come in and claim the area.  The right spray lasts for a full 3 weeks-because it runs off the  current one by making the soil  taste and smell  bad to it-and any others that  come along for that  period of time–so I  pushed my  flowers back down into the soil and watered them  with a hose –and sprayed my whole garden with Dr T’s Whole Control–it took me about 40  minutes total time and I sprayed 5,000 square feet around my house  ( lawns and flower beds)–with one container.  it is very easy to use the Dr T’s brand product –it is already in a  hose ready container—-the directions are good–It only lasts about 3 weeks ( not the 5 weeks it  claims) but it will take maybe 30 minutes to spray most front and back yards–I use it  at least once a month in my yard-once I notice mole tunnels-

Dr. T's Mole Control Spray

Dr. T's Mole Control Spray

To use it-You break off the clip on the handle to make it  possible to move the  lever back and forth–and turn the hose on– flip the lever to water- spray  the area from where you are standing—then flip the lever to on- and spray the product on the area that you can reach while standing there about one minute and and then flip it  back to water and stand there  5 times longer to wash the product off of the plants and into the soil–then move on to repeat this process until the  whole yard is covered–spray in the early morning or the late evening–never when the sun is on the area

This product is carried at Marshall Grain-both stores Fort Worth & Grapevine, Jim Stegalls in the Southeast Fort Worth  / Arlington area and Tim’s in West Fort Worth

( FYI–Tim’s had some great  new culinary products for  grinding and chopping  and cutting fresh herbs-when I walked in the store it smelled sooooo good )
I also had a problem with the guinea hens that run  around this area–for the first time they have taken to digging up  all of my ground covers-and really make a mess -so I had to do an emergency Pink Flamingo run to Tim’s and buy all of their plastic pink flamingos–my guinea hens are afraid of them– I am very stylish now!!!!

Our son Charles has some great pieces with  low prices in his new store front–check out his  website to see the pieces on line or visit  his shop  east off of Bowen on the north side of Division–He can be reached by phone to check his hours or to make an appointment.

Love & Luck, Lucy Harrell

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