The Benefits & Uses of Pine Straw Mulch

For years I have talked about hardwood mulch and it is still a good choice. I have always used and liked pine straw myself , I have 10 pine trees so I have always had access to it. I had no place for my customers to buy it. In the fall of 2009 when Marshall Grain ran it down for me and brought it in for my customers I finally had a place to send you. Now both Marshall Grain and Stegall’s Nursery & Plant Farm carry Pine Straw. I noticed at first that it was great for keeping out […]

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Red Rose Bush

Growing Roses Organically

By Lucy Harrell T.C.N.P.-A Specialist On Demanding Environments Having roses can be easy if you just plant them the right way in the right spot and understand a few things about how roses grow. Since I don’t know what you have been taught—let’s just start over and learn this simple way from scratch. Antique or Old roses are the best choice because they are the most disease resistant to start with. Of course as with almost anything-There are a few exceptions Here are things to consider: *Roses need good drainage. *Most Roses need 6 hours of sun or more—but there […]

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