The important difference that well placed landscape lighting can make in your gardens is just breathtaking. This newsletter will give you lots of tips on how to make the most of your garden lighting. I’m not just talking about lighting your outside by adding a lot of lights—but using a few well placed lights that will highlight different aspects of the whole space as well as make it easy to see where you are walking. Also keep in mind that outdoor lighting isn’t just for when you are outside but also when you are inside– looking out that favorite window that looks out onto your garden.

Enjoy your garden features day and night with lighting.

Night Landscaping Accent LightingWell placed outdoor lighting will accent those special places that we want to stroll to— and enjoy in our gardens. You don’t want to feel like you are sitting in a spotlight—you want comfortable soft light –dancing around the edges of the areas that you are choosing to be in. Front lighting that welcomes you home and shows off your house and landscape also needs to be well thought out. Lighting should offer security- but it doesn’t have to look like a parking lot and can be done in a way that also brings out the best features of your landscape. Below are 2 examples-WOW!!!!

The lighting in these pictures come from a few well placed lights that make quite a beautiful difference.
Lighting by or around swimming pools and ponds is really eye catching—(it doubles your pleasure) –just look at these great spaces. Of course –all of this is very pretty—and who wouldn’t want it–but you will also want to know how adding lighting will impact your existing garden plan and your wallet!! — I have asked Steve Lamb– owner of Lambs Landscapes and the person that I choose to help my clients light up the designs that I do for them– to answer these important questions for you. (Please notice that I keep mentioning a “few well placed lights” when I describe the pictures above. Getting help with placement can get you the most effect for your money- So choosing the right professional to install lighting is important for a lot of reasons. Steve will explain about the new low voltage lights that he uses—they are easy on the eyes and on the wallet.)

Message from Steve Lamb–
Lighting seems to be one of those things that tends to get overlooked – primarily because homeowners haven’t seen very many landscapes properly lit. But, as you know, Landscape Lighting done well can bring out Beauty, Functionality and Security to any property.

This past summer we totally switched to using LED lights in our landscapes. The advantages to using LED’s are huge! Efficiency (LED’s are 75% more efficient than traditional incandescent lights) – Life (most of our led’s are guaranteed for 15 years) & Output to list a few. Most people don’t realize that we can even convert or retro fit their existing low voltage systems over to LED. We have started using a line of LED replacement lamps that will go right in their existing fixtures. These LED’s are specifically designed for an outdoor application and have a great look! Because they consume so much less energy than the traditional halogen lamps, this allows us the ability to add new lights to a system that may have been maxed out before.

nighttime Landscape Lighting and waterfallAlthough bugs are attracted to light, LED lamps give off very little heat, and also emit the wrong colors of the visible light spectrum. As a result, the number of bugs that are attracted will be minimal. Because it is believed that insects cannot see LED light, this is one of the main reasons that people switch to using LED’s in their landscapes.

Here is a point that I think everyone should understand – If they just hire an electrician to install landscape lighting, they will typically use Line Voltage (120v). Doing this requires wire inside conduit buried 18″ in the ground. Therefore, a fixture cannot be easily moved. However, with our Low Voltage (12v) LED Lighting it just requires a small cable that can just be buried slightly – this also allows us to install a system into an existing landscape without tearing anything up. Also, as a landscape matures we can adjust/move the fixtures to
accommodate the growth.

I hope that this blog post and these great pictures have youthinking about adding some lighting to your garden . I love being out in my garden at night—and looking out at it also gives me great pleasure. Check out Steve’s website for more ideas and examples of his and Faron Stauffer’s work. (They also install landscapes , pondless creeks and hardscapes.) For more lighting ideas-go to

I wish you a beautiful space—Love & Luck Lucy Harrell

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