I had to share this fun easy ( I just made 10) valentine craft with you-check it out–This would work anytime you need a fun bouquet  for the table or a single flower to give .

You just need one piece of tissue paper ( what ever color you want to make the flower) and  one  tootsie pop and something to tie  the paper  around the stick of the tootsie pop with –I used some thin  ribbon-it won’t show

Fold one piece of  tissue paper in half and then fold  it in half again-this forms a rectangle-  now cut along the long edge that is a fold and then cut  the  side  off at 10 inches—it sounds more complicated then it is–basically you want to end up with four 10″X10″  pieces of tissue paper

Put a tootsie pop head down in the center of the stack of  four pieces of paper and wrap it up-tie it tightly just below where the stick comes out of the  pop and cut off the excess string.

Bouquet with a surprise insideNow  raise and separate the tissue pieces to form a flower up over the pop and run you hand tightly up  from the  bottom of the flower to make it  flower shaped–if you find that there are some uneven pieces- just trim them–it doesn’t take a lot of care with this step-so don’t stress- just whack until it looks good to you–

At first I just did the steps above and then I thought to round the edges of the squares before I wrapped them over  the tootsie pop  and that made for less trimming later.

Then I thought to  take the  four squares apart and laid them  on top of each other in a square+diamond+ square +diamond pattern– you’ll figure it out.  They all looked the same in the end.

Takes about 3 minutes to make one after you’ve collected all of the materials–have fun

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