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Hi Everyone– Just a reminder –if you are doing your own exterminating for inside pest control like roaches , silverfish, scorpions, spiders etc–and it has been 6 months since your last application—You need to re-apply The Eco-Exempt G (which is the granular ) outside, around the foundation of your home , garage and other structures–The 22 pound bag treats a foundation around most homes twice–so one bag will cover your pest control for a whole year. The product is applied by just scattering it at the base of your foundations–I use a small bucket and a measuring cup ( because it has a handle) to just walk around the house and throw it out-as close to the foundation as is possible ( on top of soil or mulch). Store the unused product in an area where it won’t get wet ( it comes in a paper bag) and use it up in 6 months for your second application. Continue to use this pest control product twice a year to keep insects from entering the inside of the house. Please use my directions–the bag tells you to apply the product through out the garden–it would kill your beneficial garden insects too–so only use up by the foundation.

New Eco-Exempt Pest Control Users

If you have just started using the product —or want to start using the product and have a pest problem inside the house now —you will also need to apply Eco exempt D ( Dust) inside the house -but only under the free space under your sinks. Drill 3 holes in the floor of the cabinets under your sinks–(this is easy to do because there is a hollow space there)– just poof the dust into the holes ( these free spaces are where insects stay and reproduce ) every 3 months until all activity of insects in the house has stopped–(Usually 2-3 re-treatments are all that is needed depending on how bad the infestation is to start with). One bottle of the dust will be all you will ever need for this part of the treatment–and if you are not seeing insect activity inside now– you do not need the Dust.

Using these products can save you a lot of money spent on a professional treatment and I consider it very safe. It is really easy to use and it really works.

You can find these pest control products at the great organic garden centers listed below

Tim’s Garden Center in Southwest Fort Worth,

Marshall Grain in Fort Worth on Lancaster and Grapevine

Stegall’s Garden Center and Designs in Nature in South West Fort Worth-close to Arlington

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