A mild cold front blows in and it is time to go back outside and enjoy this great weather. Spruce up the patio, enjoy the outdoors, and replace a few spots that flamed out during the summer heat, or simply get a head start on the fall plantings. Mums are the perfect plant to kick off the autumn season with.

When used as an annual, mums are very versatile; they will handle shade or sun with minimal care. As long as they are heavily budded they are good to go. For planting as a perennial, mums require at least 6 or more hours of sun to produce the blooms and can easily handle full sun.

When shopping for mums look for the plants that are heavily budded but not in full bloom. Planting them while they are “tight” or budded allows them to get established and set before the blooms appear. The blooms will last longer once they do open.

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