Two weeks ago I was invited to speak to the students of North Texas Leadership Academy in Keller about how to plan and build a garden. After speaking with them and sharing what I knew they showed me the area designated to be their garden. This area was a water run off zone where a shed had been placed right in the middle of the water flow. The WHOLE area is a saturated mud pit!

I knew it would not be a feasible location for gardening or even walking without getting muddy, so I spoke to them on how to identify important factor that deter or contribute to a garden site. We identified there water problem and source of water problems. We looked at the sloping hill bordering their garden site, gutter drains, etc. I quickly figured this project to be out of their abilities.

Well Done Landscaping is donating their time, labor, and MOST of the materials to complete a garden/outdoor learning area we are designing alongside the kids. Both the necessities we have identified and the dreams and wishes of the kids are being included in this design.

So far Well Done Landscaping has pooled its resources to have rain barrels, drain gravel, drain pipe, French drain materials, gutter parts, plumbing, wood, dirt, compost, mulch, plants, and trees ALL DONATED to this project by several surrounding companies.

We will be working with the kids and their families THIS SATURDAY, October 20, 2012 to help get this project rolling. The work will continue through Well Done Landscaping and volunteers until its completion day, November 10, 2012.

We will be posting pictures and updates of the project through its completion.

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