Building potato barrels for your garden is QUITE easy to do.  This method makes harvesting your potatoes a breeze, and allows you to diversify the look of your garden.  This is a solo or family project, so enjoy!

We used THREE trash cans, so we will go off of this for the project.

You will need:

3 –  32 gallon trashcans

One drill with a ½ inch drill bit

One Spade shovel

½ yard of manure and topsoil mixture

3 –  5 gallon buckets of drainage gravel


Step 1) Drill 8 holes around the bottom edge and four holes in the bottom of each trashcan.

Step 2) Add THREE inches of drain gravel to the bottom of each trashcan making sure your holes are covered.  This prevents compacted dirt from clogging the holes.

Step 3) Place barrels in the gardening area or throughout your landscape wherever you want them.  Be sure they will receive PLENTY of sunlight.

Step 4) Once it is time to plant, you will add 8 inches of the soil mixture to each barrel.  You do not need to compact it, just level it.  Set your seed potato or potato piece on the soil, eye up, and add 3 more inches of soil.  We tried up to three sprouts in a 32 gallon trashcan, spaced evenly.  We will let you know how it works.  You should not add more, but less may be better.

Step 5) Add water like you would a potted plant, allowing it to soak in a few times until it comes out the holes in the bottom.

Step 6) As your vine grows you will hold it upright in the middle of the barrel and add soil until HALF the vine is covered.  Eventually your vine will come over the top of the barrel, and your vine will be rooting at many layers in the barrel!

Step 7) Once the vine is done producing it will wilt and start to turn brown.  At this time stop watering for two weeks.  Then your harvest is ready!  GENTLY dump out the barrel and enjoy your potatoes!

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