Periwinkle Peril

Are Your Periwinkles In Peril? Do you have Periwinkles in your landscape that seem to be diseased or suffering and dying?  There are several soil borne diseases that attack Periwinkles when conditions are favorable. Pythium and Arial Phytopthera are two of the common diseases but there are several others that can have an impact in this area.  Weather, repeated use of soil, extreme temperatures, varied amounts of rain and timing make a big difference in their success or total failure in your garden. Signs and Symptoms It will be obvious that your Periwinkles are suffering, but the symptoms are often […]

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Growing Great Tomatoes 2014

By Lucy Harrell T.C.N.P. A Specialist On Demanding Environments My Grandmother taught me more then anyone about successful gardening and every time I pass her information along it makes me smile. Since her time we have had many new products appear that I have tested and like also—but it always goes back to her sage advise and her basic principles. First of all your gardens should be a pleasure –not a pressure—-You are the boss and with just a little up front troubleshooting you can rule supreme! Always remember that it is easier to prevent a problem then it is […]

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Lucy’s Square Foot Gardening-cool season

On this page is a picture of my cool season square foot garden-that I planted in the early Spring of 2010—I planned it this way for a reason—The plants that draw benefit from each other are close together. 2010 was pretty chilly too like this winter —I like planting from plants in early spring rather than seed-because it can be really chilly– but then heat up all of a sudden so I chose to plant on March 2nd that year –if I was planting from seed I would have had to start earlier with some plants. So it’s still early […]

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