On this page is a picture of my cool season square foot garden-that I planted in the early Spring of 2010—I planned it this way for a reason—The plants that draw benefit from each other are close together. 2010 was pretty chilly too like this winter —I like planting from plants in early spring rather than seed-because it can be really chilly– but then heat up all of a sudden so I chose to plant on March 2nd that year –if I was planting from seed I would have had to start earlier with some plants.
So it’s still early but you might want to be building this fun square foot garden this winter to be ready to plant later. Read On>>>>>>>>>>

For the best advise on when to plant and which varities of food crops to choose in the north Texas area consult the book Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening by Howard Garrett and Malcolm Beck.


I choose my version of square foot gardening ( see attached article for complete instructions on how I built mine) because I wanted to be able to sit as I garden-and for another reason too—since I made a raised bed of 16 inches high—the bunnies that sometimes visited me and munched my herbs to the ground would not be tempted to jump up that high and expose themselves to predators.

I have also attached a large picture and a drawn layout to this newsletter of my 4’X 8’ plan framed by Herbs in the cinder blocks. ( in case you want to implement it ) Below is the information on my companion planting.

Thyme is planted by the Strawberries to attract pollinators ( bees) so we will have a lot of strawberries.
Lettuce, Beets , Broccoli & Carrots make good friends and they don’t share any of the same problems. Radishes like being planted next to Carrots and Lettuce.

Cilantro and Nasturtiums repel aphids which are a problem in the cool season garden.
Winter Savory, Parsley and Salad Burnet also attract pollinators— like bees and butterflies.
Calendula and Johnny Jump ups provide colorful blooms that are edible and peppery in salads.
Mint will trap any type of bad beetle and keep it off of everything else.
Scented Geraniums may be added after last chance of frost ( April) and repel a number of insects-

Where to put your square foot garden-
I choose a spot in my yard in Arlington that got good Winter and early Spring sun for the cool season. That same spot got some west shade in the summer as the trees leafed out and the sun moved back over to the North. In my opinion-everything likes a little shade in the summer.
Having that bit of shade also helped the cool season garden last longer towards the end of May. We still had lettuces way up into May that year. As the cool season crops wear down- replace them with summer choices.

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