French Drainage System InstallatoinOur French Drain SYSTEMS

A French Drain is a drain which is made to “hold” water until it can disperse or leach into the surrounding soils.

An Area Drain is a drain which is meant to MOVE water from one place to another.

Our drain systems will include a 7 or 10 inch French drain pipe AND a 3 to 4 inch solid pipe Area Drain.  The French drain will not have access to “dirty” surface water directly.  This ensures a long life for the drain.  Our area drains are attached to surface basins, gutters, etc.  They also have clean out T’s installed, so debris can be cleaned out at any time.  This also insures a long life for the drain system. Other drains we have seen……..THREE INCH, CORROGATED PIPE WITH PEA GRAVEL AROUND IT

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