Flower Beds, How do we Build them?

1)      Remove all growing grasses, plants, etc. within the new bed area.

2)     Till the existing soil as DEEP as we can.

3)     Add a mixed soil that is well drained and high in nutrients.  This is added a few inches at a time until the new and old soils are mixed (with a tiller) equally throughout.

4)     We also add lava sand (when needed) as a separate charge for extra hard, clay soils.

5)     We add enough Expanded Shale to give a two inch layer throughout the bed.  This shale is tilled into the soil to a depth of 8 inches or as close as we can get.  Again shale is used when the budget of our client allows.

6)     The bed is given a “mounded” appearance with less depth at the edges.  Plants are planted at a higher height over the “old” soils below.  This allows the plants to grow roots very well.

7)     All beds are covered with a minimum of 3 inches of FINE shredded hardwood mulch once the planting has been completed.    In cases where there will be zero plants we often mulch to a depth of 6 inches.

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