Companion Planting Cool season crops—the plants that draw benefit from each other are within 6 feet of each other.
Thyme is planted by the strawberries to attract pollinators (bees) so we will have a lot of strawberries.
Lettuce, beets, broccoli and carrots ( round French carrots are best in the ground here) make good friends and don’t share any of the same problems.

Butter heads are so cute Leaf lettuce-cut and come again & tasty
Radishes like being planted next to carrots and lettuce because they do not share any pests or diseases.
Cilantro/ Coriander- repels aphids which are a problem with a cool season crop like broccoli.
Cilantro leaves coriander when it blooms Broccoli
Winter savory, parsley and salad burnet also attract pollinators and add flavor to your cooking and salads.
Winter savory Salad Burnet- cucumber flavor
Mint will trap any type of beetle that plaques you in the spring-just when all the plants are really doing well and keep it off of
everything else. Rip the mint each June-to keep it from being a problem. Chocolate mint is my favorite-YUMMMMMM
Johnny jump ups and Calendula are really pretty in the garden and also tasty and pretty used to decorate salads.
Crop rotation is recommended to avoid drawing the same pest to that spot month after month by planting a plant that shares none of the pests or diseases of last season’s crop.

Here you have a few very simple lists to follow—just pick a veggie or fruit from any different group to exchange out for the previous years crop.
Group A—Cantaloupe—Cucumber—Pumpkin—Squash—Watermelon—Honeydew
Group B—Broccoli—Brussels Sprouts—Cabbage—Cauliflower—Lettuce—Mustard—Radish—Turnip
Group C–Eggplant—Okra—Pepper—Tomato—Spinach-Swiss Chard—Potato
Group D—Beets –Carrots-Garlic-*Onion- don’t plant this group close to a row that contains choices from group F
Group F –Peas—Beans—Peanuts-Cover crops FYI—if you are wanting to try out the rotation process to supplement feeding the soil—switch your plantings by choosing a choice from group A through E to do rotation with and add a choice from group F every 3-4 years.

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