Periwinkle Peril

Are Your Periwinkles In Peril? Do you have Periwinkles in your landscape that seem to be diseased or suffering and dying?  There are several soil borne diseases that attack Periwinkles when conditions are favorable. Pythium and Arial Phytopthera are two of the common diseases but there are several others that can have an impact in this area.  Weather, repeated use of soil, extreme temperatures, varied amounts of rain and timing make a big difference in their success or total failure in your garden. Signs and Symptoms It will be obvious that your Periwinkles are suffering, but the symptoms are often […]

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October is here!

By Lucy Harrell T.C.N.P. A Specialist On Demanding Environments Let’s all celebrate by spending more time outside doing what we gardeners love to do best- gardening! The weather is great now and promises of more days in the seventies have been made- so you know that the bug to shop for cool season annuals is going to bite. I want to offer you some pretty cool season combinations in this newsletter and remind you about how to plant cool season color so that you don’t have to re-feed it in the spring. I like to incorporate perennial and cool season […]

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August In the Garden

August is a month of mixed emotions for most Texas gardeners. It’s really hot and the forecast is for more of the same but we still want to be in our gardens (if only they were air conditioned ). Even though it is really hot and will no doubt continue to be really hot for at least another month (and probably dry too) we are at least closer to cooler weather-right? So—since we have no control over the heat-we can dream of fall and make plans in the AC. This is a great time to think about what your next […]

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For Your Garden In July

Everyone is complaining about how hot and dry it is-but let’s face it – it is July and we are in Texas- and it will only get hotter ( and most likely drier) for the next two months . As gardening addicts (we know who we are) we can feel as stressed –as parts of our landscape in this heat and drought look sometimes-so I hope that this newsletter gives you and your garden some relief. Here is the plan—I am going to make you a schedule that will help both you and your garden look and feel better! Knowing […]

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How to Recognize and Remove a Girdling Root from a Tree

By Lucy Harrell T.C.N.P. A Specialist On Demanding Environments When we bought our new home in Magnolia I realized that several of our large trees had girdling roots that looked like the picture above. Many properties have trees that look like this –and most of us know that this is a problem– but tackling it can be kind of intimidating to most home owners . Don’t be afraid to do it—be afraid that if you don’t do it –it will be very damaging to the tree. Ignoring the problem will cause several symptoms suchas branch die back and eventually the […]

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