FAQCommon Lawn Maintenance Questions

1) How much should I water?
One inch per week.  This can vary considerably due to a variety of conditions.  Check out this article about having a healthy lawn from our blog!

2)  How tall should my lawn be?
We recommend 2 to 2 ½ inches for Bermuda minimum and 3 to 3 ½ for St. Augustine.  These are the two prevalent grasses in our area.

3)  How do I set up my irrigation?
Most controller manufacturers have the user manuals online.  You can look up the instructions via their website.  Another option is to have us out to assist you with setting up your controller.  The controller settings will CHANGE throughout the year.

4) Should I water in the wintertime?
YES, at least once per week if we do not receive precipitation.  Remember, 12 inches of snow equals one inch of rain.

5) When should I aerate my lawn?
We recommend late Spring (April or May) for this.  It is also a good idea to TOP DRESS your lawn at this time.

6) How much mulch should I have?
It is recommended to have no less than 3 inches depth of mulch.  Be sure the mulch is not piled up ON your plants.  We recommend the use of FINE shredded HARDWOOD MULCH.

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